A Chosen Few

Carolyn Rawls Booth

Pages: 405, paperback
Published: May 2008
Genre: Carolinas
ISBN: 978-1-59715-052-1

In the third book of her Between the Rivers trilogy, Carolyn Rawls Booth once again uses a deft hand to weave historical context into her sprawling family history. In A Chosen Few, Booth continues the saga of the Ryan and McBryde families as they face the Great Depression in rural Bladen County, North Carolina. Times are hard, but one of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs holds great promise for young farmers like Len Ryan who marries Millie McBryde hoping to qualify for Penderlea Homesteads, a resettlement project across the river in Pender County developed by Wilmington entrepreneur Hugh MacRae. Only those young families with the greatest potential are chosen to lease/purchase a homestead that includes a picture-perfect cottage, outbuildings, and livestock for only sixty dollars a year. But the drama deepens when the government takes over the project and the Ryans find life on Penderlea less than utopian.

Fans of Booth’s historical fiction eagerly await this captivating story involving true-life and fictional characters, many who reappear from her earlier novels Between the Rivers and Bandeaux Creek. Readers new to her work will want to read the entire trilogy. To aid in identifying characters, a genealogy chart is included in the new book.

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