Humanity at Work

Santo J. Costa, Esq. with Introduction by Robert A. Ingram

Pages: 208
Published: September 2016
ISBN: 978-1-59715-077-4

Sandy Costa is a thought leader and nationally renowned speaker and author. He brings to life his forty-year journey and leadership experience with stories, anecdotes, and historical leadership milestones in thinking and actions, to help audiences understand their workplace, their emotional capacities, their mental capacities, perception changes, and body chemistry under workplace pressure. Sandy offers life-supporting solutions for creating healthy leaders, organizations, and communities that will create lasting positive change in your organization.
In Humanity at Work: Encouraging Spirit, Achievement and Truth to Flourish in the Workplace, Sandy Costa communicates so richly in story, character, and tone of voice you’ll think he’s right there with you as he models great leadership by
• Showing how to make passion for your company’s mission and compassion for people internal and external to the company part of the same intention and action for your life every day.
• Reminding us that what we all experience daily is life’s “continuing education”—through travel, listening to the stories of strangers we meet along the way, studying history, imagining and planning for the future, and paying good attention to lessons offered us by “the least of these”—children, the poor, the simple. Sandy teaches us how to drink in life in full measure.
• Inviting a wide range of emotions into his perceptions, feelings, and behavior—including the key ones, humility, gratitude, and humor.
• Loving and respecting his vital, generous, far-flung family, both living and deceased.
• Showing by his care for clients, fellow employees, and grandchildren alike that authentic care is the only path to becoming a great leader. Sandy will show you how humble service and caring truthfully for employees, peers, customers, and clients will result in prospering fully in every way you can imagine!