I Want to Go to UNC!: An Illustrated Celebration of a Carolina Education

Ripley Rand and Jorin Garguilo


Pages: 52, hardcover
Published: November 2005
ISBN: 1-59715-012-6

An illustrated celebration of a Carolina education, I Want to Go to UNC! tells the story of a child’s dream of going to college in Chapel Hill. The young Tar Heel’s determination is tested when a crowd of people tries to change his mind about his plans – one by one, they present him with tales of other universities from throughout the galaxy. Will he be swayed by their arguments or will he remain true to his school? Andy Griffith calls I Want to Go to UNC! “wonderful,” and Dean Smith recommends it for Tar Heels of all ages (including his own grandchildren).

Illustrated in vibrant colors and marked by clever twists and turns, I Want to Go to UNC! is a timeless book to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Ripley Rand is a state Superior Court Judge who lives in Raleigh and who in fact went to UNC (B.A. 1990, J.D. 1995). The early preferences of Ripley’s son Greene for late night entertainment sparked the creation of this book.

Jorin Garguilo is a multimedia professional and improvisor who lives in Chicago. Jorin went to school about thirty miles from UNC at N.C. State (B.S. 1997); his father introduced him to comic books at a young age, cultivating his interest in visual storytelling.

I Want to Go to UNC! is their first book.

I Want to Go to UNC! is available through the publisher, Chapel Hill Press, Inc.

You can also get more information about the book here: http://gotounc.com

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