Immigration, Emigration, Diversity: An Anthology

Timothy F. Crowley and Jaki Shelton Green


Pages: 80, paperback
Published: March 2005
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1-59715-003-7

Immigration, Emigration, Diversity is a poetry anthology that is a testimonial to the possibilities of hope, new visions, and new graces that only our children, and their children, can bring forth and foster through the necessary celebration of diversity.

This exceptional book of poetry features such celebrated poets as Mark Smith-Soto, Lynn Veach Sadler, John Boyle O’Reilly, and the former Poet Laureate, Billy Collins. Through the different poetic voices of a diverse group, this anthology explores the terrain of immigration, emigration, and diversity from a highly unique perspective. This perfect arrangement of known poets with lesser known, but just as talented, poets signifies the very idea that Crowley and Green intend to communicate: diversity is a kindred concept with great rewards.

As you read the poetic array that makes up Immigration, Emigration, Diversity, you will find yourself wondering what diversity really means, culturally, socially, and personally. This collection will leave you spellbound by an eclectic gathering of voices, centered on a subject matter that touches all of us.

Crowley himself writes: “This collection of poetry chronicles the ebb and flow of humankind, a movement that brings days and nights of unrest and creates the vitality of barriers both crossed and softened every day.”

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