Rooted in the Bend

by LaVerne Thornton - Illustrated by Ty Hooker


Pages: 186
Published: June 2017
ISBN: 9781597151634

Once again master storyteller LaVerne Thornton has compiled a collection of memories and observations, this time spanning his childhood in a poor section of Virginia called the Bend, right across the Dan River from North Carolina, through his career as an engineer and corporate leader, to his current life as an active, engaged 80-year-old. These stories may make readers laugh, cry, or even blush because LaVerne Thornton is certainly not above telling a racy story. Thornton published his first book, Walk in e Moon, in 2010, followed by You Ain’t Moses, published in 2012.

Drawing from real experiences, he uses both humor and poignancy to great effect. In all of Thornton’s writing, his humanity comes through on every page. Illustrations by Ty Hooker enrich the stories and bring them to life.

LaVerne Thornton and his wife Lucille live in Sanford, North Carolina with their beagle Allie.

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