Science, Literacy, and Humanity: The Making of a Physician

Frank C. Wilson, M.D.


Pages: 226
Published: April 2016
ISBN: 978-1-59715-126-9

Intimately involved in the continuum of medical education throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Wilson has written numerous essays and articles some of which are included in this collection. The unifying theme is the centrality of teaching and learning to human life. The author outlines the nature of mentoring and role modeling, and his analysis outlines the barriers to teaching and learning found in both educational institutions and healthcare systems. He champions the importance of educating the person, emphasizing humanism and human values. For Dr. Wilson, surgery is a calling, not a technical exercise. Time and time again he refers to the primacy of the head and heart over the hand and the importance of the patient as a person. Also, explicitly expressed is his belief in the importance of the written word. In fact, in their Foreword Drs. Richard L. and Sylvia R. Cruess observe that Dr. Wilson is a man of letters as much as he is a physician and surgeon. In their words, the sum total of the essays indicate that Frank Wilson not only possesses great wisdom, but acts in a way that this wisdom is of practical use to mankind.

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