Signing Together with Infants and Toddlers

Celeste M. Davis, M.S., CCC/SLP


Pages: 80
Published: December 2004
Genre: Parenting
ISBN: 18880849-94-1

Sign language is a communication system that speech pathologists have used for years with hearing-impaired and special-needs children to help bridge their communication gap. Using sign language with normally-developing children is becoming more popular now because very young children can understand more than they can communicate using standard speech.

Celeste Davis is a Speech-Language Pathologist who espouses the use of sign language in order to reduce children’s and parents’ frustration as the children are learning to talk. After using the signing communication system successfully with her own daughter, Ms. Davis established “My Child and Me” through which she developed and launched her “Signing Together” classes and workshops. Her focus is not only on how parents can learn to sign with their children, but also the more challenging issue of teaching children to sign back to their parents. She has appeared in People Magazine, The Charlotte Observer, and “I’ve Got a Secret” on the Oxygen Network.

In Signing Together with Infants and Toddlers, Ms. Davis offers five easy, proven steps for teaching your child to sign back to you. The book includes background and rationale for using signing with normally-developing children as well as text and pictures illustrating how to “sign” words in categories such as “Survival” words (e.g. bed, careful, drink, etc.), “Family Members”, “Animals”, “Colors,” and “Foods,” to name a few. The text is clear and easy to follow, and the pictures are excellent teaching tools. The reader can feel the passion with which the author addresses the subject, and will be easily and quickly engaged in the learning process. In the Preface to her new publication, Ms. Davis is candid about her belief that God has guided her on her path to help others enhance their communication with children.

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