The Sun Shines Bright

Robert W. Estill


Pages: 304
Published: May 2017
ISBN: 9781597151450

Those of us fortunate enough to have lived long lives could write volumes of memories. I am amazed to think that my father interned as a physician in New York when horses pulled the ambulances. Now that I’ve joined the “cane gang,” I could, if I had the time and the knowledge, write about the arrival of the Iphone, the Android, or the Kindle. Imagine someone riding in a horse-drawn ambulance experiencing things like Facebook and Google, or trying to deal with climate change and a world that is spinning so fast!
The Sun Shines Bright is my effort to write about my life which spans ninety years. I hope it might encourage others to write about their lives and experiences and to try, with me, to celebrate and share the great privilege of living.
Robert W. Estill
Bishop Estill is the 9th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. He retired after fourteen years in that role and has lived to see the election of the 12th Bishop of the Diocese. Over a period of more than forty years, his career included pastorates ranging from the coal fields of Kentucky to his home parish in Lexington, Kentucky and on to Louisville, Washington, DC, Virginia Theological Seminary, and Dallas.
Robert Estill is also a cartoonist, a horseman, a world traveler, a veteran of World War II on a US Navy destroyer, a husband of sixty-seven years, a father of three, a grandfather of six, and a great-grandfather of two with another “on the way.”
Robert and Joyce Haynes Estill celebrate their long life together in Raleigh, North Carolina, where they live in a retirement community called The Cypress of Raleigh. He provides a monthly cartoon for the house newsletter, and has illustrated several books for friends. He is also the author and illustrator of Around the World Tour.

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