The Untold Story: Missionary Kids Speak From The Ends Of The Earth

Doris Walters 


Pages: 354, paperback
Published: March 2007
ISBN: 978-1-57915-035-4

Thousands of children grow up in foreign cultures where their parents have chosen to do missionary work. The untold story behind such Missionary Kids (MKs) is the unique and daunting challenge they face when they return to the United States, often just about the time they have developed their sense of identity in that other country, and find they cannot identify with life in America. Feeling neither American nor, say, Japanese, they struggle to find their places in this “home” that doesn’t feel like home. Dr. Doris Walters has spent many years counseling MKs and here she shares the stories of dozens of them whom she has had the privilege of counseling through this severe identity crisis. In reading these stories, readers come to realize the extreme sacrifice these children have had to make—perhaps a greater sacrifice than that of their parents. A groundbreaking work, this book is essential reading for anyone who is associated with the church and the missionary community.


“…had it not been for [Ms. Walters’] counsel, I don’t think I would be alive today.” A University Graduate MK

“When I first came for counseling, I thought Doris would judge me like so many others had up to that point, but never once did she … I really trust her and found myself feeling very comfortable talking and baring my heart to her.” A High School MK

“For many years, I felt lost in the labyrinth of America, but . . . upon hearing about Dr. Walters and her commitment as a counselor to the children of missionaries, I called for an appointment. I was so relieved to find a person who could understand my unique experience of growing up in another culture.” A University MK


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