Through The Fairy Door

Susan Reintjes

Pages: paperback, 142 pages
Published: November 2012
ISBN: 978-1-59715-085-9

Fairies are drawn to beauty and light and to those who believe in them. When you place a fairy door in your garden, you let the fairies know that you accept them, and they open a portal to their realm. Then the gifts begin as you experience the magic of fairy travel and the valuable lessons that they so generously bestow upon you. When you open this book, you slip through the fairy door and you are on your way to a fantasy romp, with the life lessons tagging along for the ride.

Susan Reintjes is a psychotherapist, the author of Third Eye Open: Unmasking Your True Awareness and a  drummer in two ’60s rock bands, The Clichés and  The Cryptics. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where she tends her fairy door gardens.