Wat, A Son of the Civil War

Marsha Paulette Sweeney


Pages: 134
Published: July 2017
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-59715-138-2

Wat, A Son of the Civil War is a coming-of-age story about a real, curious, and wise-beyond-his-years boy in a North Carolina railroad village prior to and during the Civil War. Known as Page’s Station at the time, that railroad crossing 150 years later is known as Cary, North Carolina, a sprawling, bustling hub of 21st-century technology. Allison Francis Page, for whom the junction was called was its founder and also the father of Wat, the family nickname for his son, Walter Hines Page (WHP). The story of Cary’s founding and early growth and the story of young WHP’s boyhood are filled with pathos and Tom Sawyer–like anecdotes.

A historical novella for history lovers of all ages, especially Civil War aficionados, this volume helps the reader understand how the events in Wat’s small village during the Civil War became the bedrock of his adult careers and the good works that flowed from them for North Carolina, the South, and the United States—establishing Walter Hines Page as a man worthy not only of an antiquated highway history marker but a presence in our contemporary consciousness, especially residents of the Old North State.

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