When Life Become Worthwhile: A Christian Perspective

Robert E. Seymour


Pages: 192, paperback
Published: March 2004
Genre: Spiritual
ISBN: 1880849-75-5

“For the last twenty-odd years I’ve been encouraging—Bob might say, ‘pestering’—[Bob Seymour] to publish a selection of his nearly thirty years’ worth of sermons. I can truthfully say I can’t remember a Sunday, when I was in town that I didn’t look forward to going to church to hear Bob preach…. His preaching always succeeded brilliantly in what many pastors try to do: comfort the guilty and make guilty the comfortable. But what I think really makes Bob’s sermons special is that, as you hear or read them, you feel like you are being ministered to rather than preached at.

“So read these sermons; enjoy them; ponder them in your head and heart. I think you’ll find, as I have, that Bob Seymour is a very special gift to our world.” —from the “Foreword” by Coach Dean Smith

Robert Seymour, a native of Greenwood, South Carolina, is a graduate of Duke University and Yale Divinity School. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, before accepting his first assignment in the ministry at Meyers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. After serving as pastor of two other North Carolina congregations—in Warrenton and with the church at Mars Hill College—he came to Chapel Hill in 1959 as the first pastor of The Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church. He retired from the ministry in 1988 and continues to live in Chapel Hill, where he and his wife, Pearl, are residents of the Carol Woods Retirement Community. Currently a columnist for The Chapel Hill News, he is also the author of Celebrating Christmas as Christians, Whites Only, Aging Without Apology, and A Village Voice.

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