Whispers from God

Sims Cheek Poindexter


Pages: 140
Published: May 2016
Genre: Spiritual
ISBN: 978-1-59715-133-7

Whispers from God is a book of essays and poems inspired by life experiences—both momentous and ordinary. Over many years, whenever she felt the presence of God, Sims Cheek Poindexter wrote about it. Finally, with her husband’s support, she gathered up the various pieces, chose the most powerful and meaningful ones, and compiled this collection of devotions in the hope and prayer that others will find inspiration in these words.

“A touching walk through a life of a Godly servant, sharing testimonies so rel­evant and moving one cannot help but cherish them as his/her own. A defin­itive collection of inspirational stories you will want to read again and again.”

Timothy W. Tron, Director, Waldensian Trail of Faith, author of Bruecke to Heaven; Children of the Light.

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