You Ain’t Moses

LaVerne Thornton

Pages: 166, paperback
Published: November 2012
ISBN: 978-1-59715-089-7

Having entertained readers of his first book, Walk in ’e Moon, with stories of growing up in a poor, isolated part of Virginia, LaVerne Thornton reminisces in this volume about people and experiences in his adult life that have left lasting impres­sions. This collection of anecdotes about employees and col­leagues from his life as a corporate executive, tales of strang­ers whose paths he crossed while traveling, and unexpected experiences with family and friends transcend the specifics of time and place to speak of character, respect, and love. Told with both humor and poignancy, these stories invite readers to look past first impressions and explore the true essence of basic human relationships.

With an engineering degree from Virginia Tech, LaVerne Thornton spent most of his career working in the fields of engineering design, construction, and consulting as well as development of alternative energy systems and construction of animal feed facilities. In addition, he worked in real estate and owned fitness cen­ters and flower shops. Whether work­ing as a plant manager, teaching adult Sunday School, or simply meeting folks on the street, Thornton has spent a lifetime connecting with people who have enriched his life. He and his wife Lucille live in Sanford, North Carolina.



Study Guide and Commentary by Wayne Credle Jr.