Thank you to all of our wonderful authors. Your published books are what memories, daydreams and successes are made of – and we couldn’t be more proud of your accomplishments and our partnerships.

From the moment that I made the decision to write a book about my experiences as a Cold War veteran, I was keenly aware that there was a tremendous amount that I did not know about the entire process. There was one thing, however, that I was very determined about – if I was going to publish this book, then it had to be professionally done so that the guys I served with and all veterans could be proud of this work.

Without Edwina and Luz, I would have been a complete mess. From the first moment I contacted Chapel Hill Press, their hands have guided and molded every facet of this work. With their help, I have a professionally produced book that the guys with whom I served are indeed proud of, and that indeed I am very proud of as well.

Don Overby, author of Just Ordinary Soldiers. 

We are delighted and impressed—and thankful—for the skillful services provided by you and your team. We picked Chapel Hill Press because of the high quality of your books; the results for our book exceeded our hopes. Starting with the initial meeting, the process was pleasant and the results superb. Editing, layout, choices of figures and their display, cover, print quality, paper quality, footnotes and references, all were excellent. You allowed us our own writing style, but made it better. When we showed the book to book buyers in bookstores, they often commented on how well the book looked, how professional. Our friends and family agreed. Your patience with us was beyond belief. We never would have achieved anything close to the same result with any of several available print on demand purveyors. We wanted something that would reflect our sense of quality, in which we could take pride, and we were not disappointed. We recommend your services enthusiastically.

FRED and JOYCE SPARLING, authors of North to Nunavut

This is a long overdue testimonial, as I have worked with Edwina and CHP on two projects dating back to 2010. I am not only impressed with Edwina’s work, but incredibly inspired by her passion for literature and dedication to the craft of publishing. Edwina and Luz were patient, clear, and energetic with and about each stage of the process—from planning, editing, design, etc. Their ideas and critiques brought new life and focus to my work, and I wholeheartedly trust their knowledge, wisdom, and experience in this field. As a very, very novice writer in 2010, I knew I wanted to publish, but I didn’t know really where to begin. It’s a daunting (and often deflating) world of publishing. However, my experiences with CHP have been nothing short of wonderful and have convinced me to continue further with the craft of writing. For that, I am forever indebted to Edwina and Luz. Anyone seeking a professional in this field should look no further than CHP!


-Bradford Philen, current MFA candidate with the University of Alaska Anchorage and author of Autumn Falls and Everything is Insha’Allah

“Praise for Chapel Hill Press!

Edwina Woodbury and Luz Alva-Bullock presented my Maytle’s World, a two-act play, all in beauty and joy of a present to my mother whose life was a work of art. Every letter, photo, and font shows personal care and work. Result: the book is a work of art!

How pleased my mother would be: to see on the cover a sketch of the plankhouse my son, her grandson, etched — and to see the photo of her family there on Paul’s Hill where she lived her lifetime. Then to turn the pages into the world my mother created, as I tried to represent her with my words and her inspiration.

I thank Chapel Hill Press for its vision in seeing my manuscript as a beautiful book I can hold in my hands.

When I see the play on stage I shall be grateful again to Chapel Hill Press.”

Shelby Stephenson, poet laureate of North Carolina, author of Maytle’s World

“How can I ever tell you how profoundly moved I am about everything that has gone into the designing, printing and publishing of this work? It was your direction that brought it all together and I am grateful to you more than you can know. I know I’ve seen many drafts . . . but to see it as a bound book was still another experience . . . your aesthetic hand in the creation continues to impress me beyond ways to describe. Every one of your myriad of choices was right on – the elegance of the color and font – the layout of every single page. I don’t think I was fully aware of the significance of all the details that you obviously handled so conscientiously. You [Chapel Hill Press] prove yourself as the ultimate professional, with exquisite attention to detail.”

Caroline Sikorsky, author of Nell and Fair

The responses I have received to my most recent book from family, friends, and many other residents of my retirement home have been fabulous! Everyone agrees that the book is a beautifully organized and produced publication—a first-class publishing job.

JOHN D. FASSETT, author of Betty: Chronicle of a Moving Life and Jack Fassett: A Memoir of Essays, Volumes I and II

I really appreciate the professional manner in which you conducted yourself through our work together. I would recommend [Chapel Hill Press] to anyone looking for a publisher.

LAVERNE THORNTON, author of Walk in ‘e Moon and You Ain’t Moses

“For me, what was really important was being able to sit down and talk about my ideas with people who understood. It was my book, but the people at the Chapel Hill Press knew how to make it as good as it could be. They helped make my writing much tighter and better. I felt as if I had absolute control, too-they really listened to my preferences.”

“To anyone who was considering publishing their own book, I’d say, take a leap of faith. It seems very scary, but if you have something to say that’s important to you, do it.”

Katherine Anne Baldwin, Author of No Ashes: A Sheriff’s Life

I’ve read a few self-published books that made me not want to go that route. I was afraid of having my name on the cover of book that was riddled with errors because of a lack of good editing. But when a friend told me about Chapel Hill Press, I decided to look into their operation. I must say from the day of our first meeting, it was obvious that Edwina Woodbury and her staff did not publish anything but beautiful books that any author would be proud of. I’ve published three books, two with traditional presses, and by far my best experience was with the last, A Chosen Few, published by Chapel Hill Press, Inc.

CAROLYN RAWLS BOOTH, author of A Chosen Few

Anyone seeking a publishing company need look no further than Chapel Hill Press. They are experienced, helpful, and professional. As a complete novice in writing and finding a publisher, my first experience with Chapel Hill Press was quite enlightening, exciting, and educational. I am very impressed with the finished product of my book. The editing, artwork, and helpful advice without changing my wordage or ideas was exceptional, and the entire experience was fun.

GEORGE S. EDWARDS SR., M.D., author of Man’s Chief End and The Spirit

I cannot have enough praise for Chapel Hill Press, from the minute I walked in the door to the mailing out of my book. I am a perfectionist who needs to have quality and accuracy, and the press delivered both. I brought in a complicated family history with over 200 photographs, and Edwina Woodbury and her staff turned my material into a book. A most beautiful book, I might add—both inside and out. The press offered me all the services I needed which included layout and cover design, copy editing, and indexing. Not only was I completely satisfied, but the press took these to a higher level than I thought possible. Edwina herself is very hands-on which adds to the quality of her already excellent staff. She is extremely experienced, as well as personable. I would wholeheartedly recommend Chapel Hill Press to anyone contemplating publishing his or her book.

MARY ANDERSEN, author of Family Sourcebook

“Everyone, and I do mean everyone, who has bought the book has commented on the cover and layout. Comments include “handsome,” “beautiful,” and “stunning” among others. My thanks to you for a first class project!”

Ricky N. Smith, author of Change for a Dollar